Simple Super Mario Charaben

Simple Super Mario Charaben

Everyone loves Mario! I kept this bento as simple and easy as possible using a minimum amount of ingredients.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Hot cooked white rice
as needed
a little
Nori seaweed
to taste
Imitation crab stick
3 to 4
Sliced cheese
1 slice is enough ☆
Long thin pasta
1 is enough ☆


1. Mix a little ketchup, plus some sugar or salt to taste into the rice to flavor it. Make balls for the face (oval shape), nose (a small ball), and 2 ears.
2. Stick the ears onto the face. Use plastic wrap and squeeze them on The top part of the face will be the hat, so put the ears on the lower part of the face.
3. Carefully peel off the red part of the crabsticks, and stick them onto the top half of the face. I stacked up some crabstick layers to form the bill of the hat.
4. Make the eyes: Cut the sliced cheese out into oval shapes using a toothpick. Cut the irises out into oval shapes from nori seaweed. Cut the pupils out of the cheese using a straw, and reduce the thickness to half.
5. Cut the eyebrows, bears and sideburns out of nori seaweed. Refer to the photo for the shapes.
6. Make the M emblem on the hat: Cut an oval shape out of the sliced cheese using a toothpick. Scrape out an M shape from the cheese using the toothpick. Stick the emblem on the hat.
7. Stick on the eyebrows, eyes, beard, nose and sideburns in that order. Fix the eyes and nose on using small pieces of long thin pasta. Done!
8. To stick on the eyes or other parts on in Steps 4 and 7, put a tiny bit of ketchup on the tip of a toothpick and use that as glue.

Story Behind this Recipe

My boys are into Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart. They've been begging me to make Mario charaben, but it looked difficult. I tried making a version that was as simple as possible. They were really happy with the results, so I consider it a success.