Cuttable Canned Fruit Jello

Cuttable Canned Fruit Jello

This is a cute and sparkly jello.
Please cut into your favorite shapes and enjoy.

Ingredients: One 18 cm square pan

Canned mixed fruit
1 can
Canned Mikan oranges
1 can
18 g
Peach liqueur if you have it; 2 tablespoons.


1. This is pretty and colorful canned fruit. The citrus taste of the canned Mikan oranges is delicious. Combine these 2 to make the recipe.
2. Mix the gelatin into 50 ml of water. Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds and mix again.
3. Separate the fruit and syrup from the cans. Place the syrup into a saucepan. (There was 300 ml of fruit syrup in the cans I used).
4. Heat the syrup. Turn off the heat before it boils, add gelatin from Step 2, and dissolve well in residual heat.
5. Once the syrup from Step 4 has cooled, add fruit from Step 3 and mix together. Please add 2 tablespoons of peach liqueur if you have it.
6. Pour Step 5 into a mold of any size that has been moistened with water. Let it solidify in the fridge (for about 3 hours).
7. After it has solidified properly, flip it upside down onto a plate bigger than the mold.
8. It might be difficult to remove depending on the mold. Make an opening between the jello and the mold to let in air, and it will come out smoothly.
9. Then just cut it however you want. Please make sure to cut slowly and carefully with a knife!!
10. If you place each serving into an aluminum cup, then it is easier to garnish later. Place the portions you can't finish eating in the fridge in a container with a lid.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love jello. I wanted to make a cute jello, so I used canned fruit cocktail.