My Proud Japanese Taste Matcha French Toast

My Proud Japanese Taste Matcha French Toast

You will become addicted to the slightly bittersweet matcha taste! It is nice combination with heavy cream and matcha. Try it with red bean paste or vanilla ice cream this summer!!


1 piece
Heavy cream (or milk)
50 ml
20 ml
Soft light brown sugar
3 teaspoons
1 teaspoon


1. Beat the egg until smooth, then add the soft light brown sugar. Mix some more.
2. Pour in the milk, heavy cream and matcha. Mix again.
3. Allow the egg mixture to soak slowly into bread. Please do not press.
4. Place clarified butter or melted normal butter in the frying pan. Transfer Step 3 to here and cook both sides over low heat. Please adjust the heat if you use normal butter as it is easy to burn!

Story Behind this Recipe

I love French toast, so I’m trying a variety of flavours!