Homemade Macrobiotic Pancake Mix

Homemade Macrobiotic Pancake Mix

Just shake everything together in a bag.

Ingredients: 200 g pancake mix

Beet sugar
30 g
a pinch
1 tablespoon
Baking powder (aluminium-free)
2 teaspoons
Whole wheat flour
Approx. 150 g (enough so that combined, all the ingredients weigh 200 g)


1. Put a ziplock (or other) bag on top of your scales, and weigh out the beet sugar. Then add the salt, katakuriko, baking powder, and shake together.
2. Add whole wheat flour to the bag until the total weight of all the ingredients comes to 200 g. Shake well, and you have pancake mix.
3. Check out Recipe ID: 1799756 for a pancake recipe.
4. Note: Whole wheat flour has 3 times more dietary fiber and 3.5 times more iron than regular cake flour.

Story Behind this Recipe

Shop-bought pancake mixes are made with white flour and have additives, so I make homemade mix using whole wheat flour and beet sugar.