Microwave Homemade Tofu in a Mug!

Microwave Homemade Tofu in a Mug!

Somehow I managed to make homemade tofu really easily in a microwave! And what's more, it tastes even better than store-bought tofu. Give it a try!


Soy milk (additive-free)
200 ml
10 ml (or however much instructed on packet)
Ginger, shiso leaves or other herbs
as desired (for garnish)


1. Pour the soy milk into a mug and mix in however much nigari on the package instructions. Then put it in the microwave.
2. This should take just under 2 minutes in a 600 W microwave. Keep peering into the microwave and when the mixture starts to bubble and boil, take it out. It should have set a little bit already.
3. Quickly cover the mug with cling film, wrap the mug in a towel or an oven mitten to retain the heat and leave it. You could also cover it with a tea cozy or tea pot.
4. Wait 10-15 minutes and your homemade tofu is ready! Take it out of the mug and serve. Or you could place it on a fancy decorative sieve and present it another way as "zaru" (sieve) tofu!
5. You can eat this tofu still warm or chill it and serve it cold. Both ways are delicious. I recommend eating this with herbs and a pinch of salt for flavor.

Story Behind this Recipe

I developed this recipe in response to the well-loved "Custard Pudding in a Mug" (Recipe ID: 1351368). I was originally thinking of making a dessert but decided to create a tofu recipe instead. The way of making it is almost the same but far simpler! Homemade tofu really showcases the delicious flavour of the soy beans, so give it a go!