Freeze-Storing Aburaage & Green Onions

Freeze-Storing Aburaage & Green Onions

This frozen deep-fried tofu and green onion mixture can be topped in miso soup or noodle dishes whenever you need it.


2 squares (as you like)
Green onions (the whiter section closer to the roots)


1. Cut the aburaage into very small pieces so that it will absorb the flavour (it's easier to cut once it's frozen).
2. Cut the green onions into small pieces. Only use the hard parts between white roots and light green parts. Put it in a bag with Step 1, mix well, then freeze.
3. Add as much of the frozen ingredients to steaming hot miso soup as you like and enjoy.
4. You can use the mixture for kakeudon (udon noodles in hot broth), tsukeudon (dipping udon noodles in sauce), or other noodle dishes as a topping or seasoning. They come in handy any time.

Story Behind this Recipe

I always freeze aburaage and green onions.
I thought mixing those two ingredients and freezing them would come in handy, so I wrote this recipe up.