Doll Festival Quail Egg Sushi Balls

Doll Festival Quail Egg Sushi Balls

I made lovely sushi using quail eggs. These are perfect for guests.

Ingredients: 8 pieces

Quail egg
80 g
Sushi rice
1 rice bowl
Salmon roe
to taste
Green onions
to taste


1. Use a peeler to thinly slice the cucumber. Make 16 slices.
2. Roll the sushi rice into 8 golf ball sized balls.
3. Stack the cucumber slices from Step 1 into stacks of two, then wrap them around the sushi rice balls from Step 2.
4. Make an opening in the center at the top for the quail egg. Top with green onions and salmon roe. Finally, carefully top with the yolk of the quail egg.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a delicious way to eat quail eggs!