Easy Custard Cream with a Whole Egg

Easy Custard Cream with a Whole Egg

You can make this in no time whenever you want. This recipe doesn't generate leftover egg whites. It comes in handy when you want to make custard cream right away.

Ingredients: Over 200 g

Cake flour
1 tablespoon
3 tablespoons
200 g
Vanilla extract
a few drops


1. Add egg, cake flour, and sugar into a pot. Mix well with a whisk.
2. Add milk and vanilla extract to Step 1, and mix well.
3. Turn on the heat to high, and keep mixing with the whisk.
4. When it starts to thicken, turn down the heat to medium, and continue mixing until it becomes creamy.
5. It becomes a little bit thick when it's cooled, so continue mixing well with the whisk.
6. Adjust the thickness by adding milk or heavy cream depending on what kind of sweets you are using the custard cream for.
7. I purposely didn't use butter, but it's also tasty to make it butter-flavoured by adding a piece while the cream is still hot.
8. I doubled the ingredients in the profile picture. If you want to make it more eggy, double the amount of eggs.
9. This is an easy version made with only egg yolks. This is an authentic custard cream! "Very Easy Custard Cream in a Microwave" Recipe ID: 1791678

Story Behind this Recipe

I make this custard cream whenever I need it for another dessert. It's troublesome to separate eggs, so I use egg whites as well.