American Style Ramen Salad

American Style Ramen Salad

This salad always gets the crowd talking whenever I bring it along to parties. It's super easy to prepare, but totally delicious.

Ingredients: 4~5 servings

Instant ramen noodles
1 bag
Mesclun mix, lettuce, or your favorite salad greens
100 g
Store-bought French dressing
100 ml
Parsley (or other herbs of your choice)
As desired


1. Try to use the non-fried variety of instant ramen. It doesn't have to be anything special, though. Break the dry noodles up into smaller pieces with your fingers.
2. Pour the dressing into the bowl with the crumbled noodles, and let them soak for an hour or more.
3. Once your noodles have soaked up the dressing, add the diced tomatoes, sprinkle in a pinch of the herbs. Mix everything together.
4. After soaking your salad leaves in cool water, strain out and dry off any excess wetness. Shred the larger leaves of lettuce into easy-to-eat sizes.
5. I always bring my salad along to potluck parties in tupperware, like this:

Story Behind this Recipe

This was one of the most popular salads among my group of Japanese expat friends during my time in the States. I added tomatoes and herbs for a personal touch. It was this salad, and another one with smoked squid rings that were everyone's favorites. Everytime we met up, someone would always bring at least one of them to the gathering!