Skewered Kamaboko Roses

Skewered Kamaboko Roses

Try these skewered roses made of thinly sliced kamaboko on toothpicks. Pack them in your bento.

Ingredients: 3 skewers

Kamaboko (sliced)
about 9 slices
Greens (for garnishing, optional)
as needed
as needed


1. Thinly slice the kamaboko with a peeler, then roll up the slices to make florets, then secure with toothpicks.
2. By twisting the kamaboko florets slightly, they will look like roses; (kamaboko doesn't tear easily, so go ahead and use some force).
3. If using toothpicks, three or so is about the right balance. Depending on the size of the roses, skewer 2-5 per toothpick.
4. I referenced user Ryuaozoramama's "Fish Sausage Skewers" (Recipe ID: 1340000).
5. Here's a recipe for "Kamaboko Flowers Made with a Peeler" (Recipe ID: 1394630).
6. For "Kamaboko Roses Easy Snacks with Leftovers" (Recipe ID: 1782908). Use leftover kamaboko to make them.
7. Here, I boiled them over low heat, marinated in sushi vinegar, then used them as a bento item.
8. For a similar technique using cucumbers, check out (Recipe ID: 1418382).

Story Behind this Recipe

Using my recipe for "Kamaboko Florets Made with a Peeler" (Recipe ID:1394630), I skewered the roses to make them easy to eat and less likely to fall apart.
I also referenced user Ryuaozoramama's "Fish Sausage Skewers" (Recipe ID: 1340000), since I love them. Thank you, Ryuaozoramama.