Easy Kabocha Pudding with Ready Made Pudding Mix

Easy Kabocha Pudding with Ready Made Pudding Mix

You can make these easy kabocha puddings with ready made pudding mix (the kind that needs some heating) and a blender.

Ingredients: 4 pudding cups

Readymade pudding mix
1 package
Kabocha squash (peeled)
100 g
300 ml
Egg yolk (size L)


1. I've also written in Story Behind this Recipe, but make sure to use ready made pudding mix that needs some heating to form. The kind I used is seen on the left-hand side in this photo.
2. I used frozen kabocha squash, but of course, you can use fresh ones too. Heat it in the microwave to soften.
3. Put all ingredients (peeled kabocha, milk, egg yolk, and pudding mix) into the blender and blend.
4. Transfer the mixture into a pan and heat over medium heat. Stir well with a spatula as you cook. When it boils, turn the heat to low. Heat for another 1 minutes.
5. It's done when the mixture is thickened. The mixture hardens quickly once it touches the edge of the pan, so don't forget to mix well.
6. Pour into pudding cups or a tupperware box and chill in the fridge to harden. It will be ready in an hour, but I recommend to chill for over 2 hours.
7. [Tips:] For an even smooth result, pass the mixture through a sieve when pouring into the pan.
8. It tastes delicious as it is, but it's also nice to serve with caramel sauce and whipped cream. Make sure to pour the caramel sauce right before serving.

Story Behind this Recipe

This kabocha pudding uses pudding mix that needs a little heating.