Homemade Pancake Mix with Only 5 Ingredients

Homemade Pancake Mix with Only 5 Ingredients

Making pancake mix yourself is really inexpensive. This only takes 5 ingredients.

Ingredients: prepares 200 g of pancake mix

35 g
A pinch
Cornstarch (optional)
10 g
Baking powder
2 teaspoons
Cake flour
Until everything adds up to 200 g


1. Place a large tupperware box or a bag on a scale. Add all ingredients so that it measures out to 200 g. Shake lightly to finish.
2. I usually use a large tupperware box and make 600 g at once. Then, whenever my stock is nearly depleted, I just add more.
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Story Behind this Recipe

Ready-made pancake mix is relatively expensive, and it's a pain to drag it out when you just need a little bit...
It's also really sad if you don't have any pancake mix when you're inspired to make sweets -- that's why I came up with this recipe.
I used recipes by friends and others references, and after many experiments, I came up with my favorite blend of ingredients.