Crispy and Light: Vegetable and Mushroom Tempura

Crispy and Light: Vegetable and Mushroom Tempura

A crispy and light batter that you don't want to mess up! Fry up these simple crispy and light mushroom and vegetable tempura. A family recipe.

Ingredients: 3-4 servings

Onion [For the kakiage fritters]
Maitake mushrooms
1/2 pack
King oyster mushroom
1 (medium sized)
Shiso leaves
to taste
Dried shrimp [For the kakiage fritters]
To taste
For the batter
★ Flour
1 rice cup (or 180 ml)
★ Cornstarch [or Katakuriko]
2 tablespoons
Ice water
※ 180 ml (with egg)
For the dipping sauce
Mentsuyu, matcha, salt
[Refer to Step 8 below]


1. Slice the vegetables as shown. Carrots are best sliced into thin rectangular sticks! I recommend chilling all of the ingredients before deep frying.
2. Use only the water from the ice water. Use a chilled egg. Chill the bowl for extra measure! The liquid should measure 180 ml with the egg included, like this!
3. In a cup, add the chilled water to the ※ chilled egg so that it measures to 180 ml. Transfer to a bowl and add the ★ dry ingredients and mix briskly! The key is "briskly".
4. The oil should be between160-170°C! The large oil bubbles should become smaller and when you drop batter into it, if it comes out light and crisp, it's ready for frying!
5. Although it's a pain, always remove the tempura crumbs from the oil surface! Use a fine net skimmer! Save the tempura crumbs to sprinkle in miso soup or noodle dishes.
6. Deep fry the onion and shrimp last! Add a bit more flour at this stage, about 1 tablespoon! Use a spoon to drop the kakiage mixed tempura into the oil.
7. Transfer to rack to drain excess oil.
8. To make the dipping sauce, follow the instructions on the bottle! To make matcha salt, mix 1 teaspoon matcha and 2 teaspoons salt. It's done once you plate the tempura.

Story Behind this Recipe

Leftover veggies are perfect for making tempura. I made some with mine.