My Family's Jam Buns

My Family's Jam Buns

Jam filling is sealed inside the bread so it doesn't leak out.

Ingredients: 6 buns

◎Bread dough:
Bread (strong) flour
120 g
Plain flour
40 g
Dry yeast
1 teaspoon
1 tablespoon
Skim milk powder
2 teaspoons
Beaten eggs
1 tablespoon
1/3 teaspoon
Unsalted butter
30 g
Water (heated to about 42°C)
80 ml
◎Jam filling:
Strawberry jam
120 g
Corn flour
2 teaspoons
4 teaspoons
◎To finish:
Egg for egg wash
as needed
Sliced Almond (optional)
as needed
Parchment paper
6 x 12 x 12 cm squares


1. Put together the jam, corn flour and water in a deep heat-proof dish. Lightly cover with cling film and heat for 1 minute in a 500 W microwave.
2. Remove the dish from the microwave and stir the mixture. Return to the microwave to heat for another minute. It might boil over in the microwave so you have to keep an eye on it. Remove it from the microwave, even if you're still heating it, if its about to boil over.
3. Leave to cool and chill in the fridge until required. Divide into 6 portions in advance and you will be able to save your time later and be in time for the bread dough rising.
4. Put all the ingredients in a bowl except water and butter. Make sure that you keep the salt and skim milk powder away from the yeast. Pour the water towards the yeast and stir well.
5. After evenly mixed, place the mixture onto the work surface and add butter. Knead until evenly combined. After kneading, leave to prove at 40°C for 25 minutes.
6. After the first prove divide the dough into 6 portions and leave to sit for 10 minutes.
7. Roll each dough out into about 12 x 10 cm oval and place on 1/6 jam filling. Cover the upper dough with the bottom part dough gently. Do not stretch the dough too hard.
8. When you cover the upper dough with the bottom part, leave about a 5 mm border. Press down on where the dough overlaps to close it tightly.
9. Cover the edge of the top dough with the 5 mm border and pinch the covered edge to seal the joint tightly.
10. Place the each bread onto a 12 x 12 cm square baking parchment and make 1 cm long slits along the round edge.
11. Place the baking parchment with bread onto a baking tray and leave to prove at 40°C for 20 minutes. After the second prove, place in an oven preheated to 200°C.
12. Brush the buns with egg wash and put some sliced almond on top if you like. Bake in the oven pre-heated to 200°C for about 10 to 12 minutes.
13. Bake until golden brown.
14. These are blueberry jam buns.

Story Behind this Recipe

I don't like the jam filling coming out from the bread so I tried several times to make jam bread filled with thickened jam, which I learned in my bread class. The explanation of how to shape each bun might be confusing...have a try if you fancy.