Moscow Salad (Russian Cooking)

Moscow Salad (Russian Cooking)

This is a simple and cheap bell pepper, chicken and mushroom salad that goes well with any food it's paired with.

Ingredients: 3-4 servings

Red & yellow bell peppers
1/2 each
Chicken (breast or tenderloins)
150 g
Mushrooms (sliced)
75 g can
3 scant tablespoons
Salt and pepper
a small amount
Curry powder
1 scant teaspoon
Powdered paprika, dried parsley, dill
a small amount


1. Peel the bell peppers. Personally, I like to skewer the peppers on cooking chopsticks, warm them over a flame until the skin starts to burn a little, then run under cold water and peel the skin off.
2. Slice the peeled bell peppers.
3. If you're using canned mushrooms, drain away any liquid before use.
4. Sprinkle some salt and pepper over the chicken and heat in a frying pan until thoroughly cooked through.
5. Slice the chicken into long strips. If you're using chicken fillets, try tearing the chicken into strips.
6. Chuck the sliced bell peppers, mushrooms and chicken into a large bowl and stir in the mayonnaise well. Then it's ready. Give it a quick taste and season with extra salt and pepper if it needs it.
7. Try adding a dash of curry powder to this salad for a completely different flavour. Stir in as much as you want when you're adding the mayonnaise.
8. If you want to add a garnish to this salad I recommend powdered paprika, dried parsley or dill. I used a sprinkling of dried parsley in the top photo.

Story Behind this Recipe

I based this salad off a recipe I found in a cook book that I bought in Russia. I've added bits in, made it a bit more Japanese in taste and changed the amounts to suit my family's appetite.