Charaben Stick Ham on Rice Dokin-chan

Charaben Stick Ham on Rice Dokin-chan

Dokin-chan Isn't she cute?

Easy All you need to do is stick this on noriben (rice covered with a sheet of nori dipped in soy sauce) or plain rice.

Ingredients: 1 Dokin-chan

1/2 slice
1/2 slice
Nori seaweed
a small amount
Imitation crab meat stick (or carrot, ketchup, etc.)
a small amount


1. Cut the ham in half. Cut out the antenna and the outline of her face with scissors.
2. Place the ham on the cheese. Cut out the shape using a bamboo skewer.
3. Use nori seaweed for the eyes and eyelashes, and cut-outs of imitation crab meat for the cheeks.
4. Place the facial features on the cheese, and put your Dokin-chan on the rice.
5. You can make this without the cheese as well.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had previously prepared a bento with "Mr. Boo" (from Dragon Ball), and I thought I might be able to make Dokin-chan as well, so I tried my hand at it.