A Chef's Recipe for Yuzu Honey-Flavored Samgyeopsal

A Chef's Recipe for Yuzu Honey-Flavored Samgyeopsal

Samgyeopsal is delicious! You can just gobble up a mountain of Korean BBQ and vegetables! Try some samgyeopsal marinated in yuzu with a refreshing aftertaste!

Ingredients: 2 servings

New Korean BBQ! Yuzu-Scented Samgyeopsal (Recipe ID: 1782172)
2 pieces
Sangchu Korean lettuce
20 leaves
Egoma leaves
20 leaves
1 clove
as desired
Leek Namul to Eat with Samgyeopsal and Other Korean Dishes (Recipe ID: 1355320)
as desired


1. To prepare the pork, use (Recipe ID: 1782172), "New Korean BBQ! Yuzu-Scented Samgyeopsal."
2. These are today's ingredients! Sangchu and egoma leaves are only 100 yen! You could also use some kimchi!
3. If you have garlic, thinly slice it.
4. Cut the stems off of the egoma leaves.
5. Lay the sanchu and egoma on a plate.
6. The kimchi and garlic, too!
7. Next, make (Recipe ID: 1355320) "Leek Namul to Eat with Samgyeopsal and Other Korean Dishes." This is delicious!
8. Line a frying pan with foil and turn on the heat. If you cook the meat directly in the pan, the sugar will make it burn!
9. Cook the meat through. Cover with a lid!
10. When the surface becomes white, flip them over.
11. It looks delicious!
12. Cover again!
13. Once the meat is cooked through, cut it.
14. Transfer to a plate.
15. Doesn't it look delicious?
16. Okay, let's eat! Take some sangchu in your hand...
17. and top with the egoma. Flipping the egoma with the underside down is Korean style. Otherwise it tastes bitter!
18. Top with some meat.
19. Top with the leek namul, garlic, and kimchi...
20. then wrap it up and take a big bite! The yuzu is so fragrant!
21. This is the normal version: "Easy Korean-Style Barbecue -- Samgyeopsal in a Frying Pan" (Recipe ID: 1449638). Give it a try!

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