Snap Pea, Egg & Crab Stick Battleship Sushi Rolls

Snap Pea, Egg & Crab Stick Battleship Sushi Rolls

These are gorgeous salad-style battleship sushi rolls that will brighten up any lunchbox.

Ingredients: 20 rolls

Sushi rice
1 rice cooker cup - 180 ml uncooked
Toasted nori seaweed
3 sheets
Sugar snap peas
Thick fried omelet
Imitation crab sticks


1. Cut the thick fried omelet, the sugar snap peas with the stringy parts removed, and the imitation crab sticks into 1 cm cubes.
2. Prepare 1 rice cooker cup of sushi rice.
3. Roll the sushi rice into balls that are roughly the same size as a large cherry tomato.
4. Cutting along the longest side of the nori sheet, cut the nori sheet into 6 equal pieces. From these pieces make some long, thin strips.
5. Wrap the nori strips in rings around the sushi rolls.
6. Place the toppings that you prepared in Step 1 on top of the battleship rolls, and you're done.
7. I didn't have a suitable container for my battleship rolls so I lined an empty box with cling film and stored them in that.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is just something that I quickly put together. For those who want a more defined battleship roll taste, adding some mayo underneath the toppings may be a good idea.