Non-fried Rice Sesame Balls

Non-fried Rice Sesame Balls

This is easy to make The popping texture of the fragrant sesame seeds is the greatest You don't fry it, so it's great for a kid's snack.

Ingredients: 3 pieces

Rice (cold rice is okay)
130 g
Anko (koshi-an or tsubu-an)
45 g
White sesame seeds
as needed


1. Put the rice in a container and use a pestle to mash it up. Add a bit of water (1~2 tablespoons) a little at a time as you go. If using cold rice, see Step 6.
2. Divide Step 1 into three portions and set one portion on plastic wrap at a time. Flatten with a spoon. Roll up about 15 g of anko into a ball and place on top of the rice.
3. Wrap it up into a ball with a gap in the bottom.
4. Put the sesame seeds in a dish and roll the balls from Step 3 in them until coated. You can also use dry-roasted sesame seeds. In this case, you can skip Step 5.
5. Shape with your hands, then lightly cook in a non-stick pan while rolling it around.
6. If using cold rice, put the rice into a dish, add 1/2 tablespoon of water on top, wrap lightly with plastic wrap, and heat in the microwave for 1:30.
7. For some tips on how to eat it even more deliciously, see the hints.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was selected as a recipe tester, so I came up with a recipe for a snack using a lot of sesame.