Nutritious Toasted Nori Seaweed for Dieters (Toasting Instructions)

Nutritious Toasted Nori Seaweed for Dieters (Toasting Instructions)

If you want your diet to succeed, eat nori seaweed (There's a valid reason for this!) These are instructions for toasting it.


Toasting nori seaweed from fresh nori seaweed:
Fresh nori seaweed (uncut whole sheets)
2 pieces
To snack on while dieting:
Daily portion of nori seaweed
1-2 sheets


1. Hold 2 sheets of fresh nori seaweed together. Set the flame of your gas range to low-medium, wave the nori sheets over the flame in a figure 8 pattern, moving quickly to toast the sheets.
2. Occasionally rotate the nori sheets in your hand. Once the surface of the nori turns greenish, they're done. If you toast them too much, they will turn brown, so be careful.
3. Freshly toasted nori seaweed has a nutty fragrance and is delicious! It goes so well with plain rice, so be careful not to eat too much!
4. Case 1: Eat toasted nori seaweed while dieting to fulfill an empty stomach.
5. Case 2: Eat toasted nori seaweed with vegetables with your evening meal.
6. Case 3: Sprinkle toasted nori seaweed as a topping on various dishes.
7. Toasted nori seaweed has fewer calories than flavored nori seaweed.
8. Toasted nori seaweed is tastier than fresh nori.

Story Behind this Recipe

Nori seaweed is packed with a good balance of vitamins and minerals.
Eat nori to supplement your diet with these nutrients, which tend to be lacking when you're trying to lose weight.
Nori seaweed is rich in vitamin B-12, which is in animal-based foods, but is lacking in most vegetables. (Source: Official food and nutrition guidelines published by the Japanese government.)