For Bentos! Cod Teriyaki

For Bentos! Cod Teriyaki

This cod is seasoned with salt and pepper and deep fried. Since it tastes great even when cool, I recommend this for your bento!

Ingredients: 2 servings

Fresh Haddock
2 filets
Salt and pepper
to taste
2 teaspoons
as needed
★Soy sauce
1-2 tablespoons
1-2 tablespoons
1-2 tablespoons
Green onions
as needed


1. Cut the haddock into bite-sized pieces and season with sake, salt, and pepper. Let it marinate for 15 minutes. Lightly wipe off the excess moisture and coat with flour. Fry in a large amount of oil.
2. Put the ★ ingredients into the frying pan. Add the haddock and cook on high heat. Arrange on a plate and garnish with finely chopped green onions.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with this recipe on the spot.