Cute Rabbit Steamed Buns for Cherry Blossom Viewing

Cute Rabbit Steamed Buns for Cherry Blossom Viewing

Make fashionable rabbits with flower hairpins.
Sweet potato filling is hiding inside the white rabbits and purple sweet potato filling is inside the pink rabbits. I made some changes to the ingredients and steps.

Ingredients: 10 steamed buns

For the dough:
Japanese yam
40 g
Roughly 55 g
Joshinko (for dusting)
as needed
Powdered sugar (sifted)
80 g
Red food coloring
A small amount
For the sweet potato filling:
Sweet potato
100 g
Condensed milk
20 g
Sugar (white sugar would have a prettier finish)
10 g
5 g
For the purple sweet potato filling:
Purple sweet potato
100 g
Condensed Milk
20 g
Sugar (white sugar would have a prettier finish)
10 g
5 g
Cherry Mochi Flowers (Recipe ID: 1768732)
10 flowers
Melted chocolate or a deco pen
A small amount


1. Make the Cherry Mochi Flowers (Recipe ID: 1768732).
2. Sweet potato filling: Steam and strain the sweet potatoes. While they are hot, add the butter, sugar, condensed milk and mix. If the filling is too loose, evaporate the moisture by microwaving it.
3. Purple sweet potato filling: Make the filling in the same way as the sweet potato filling. If the filling is too dry, add milk or fresh cream (not listed).
4. Cool the fillings and divide into 5 portions each. Roll into balls (each should be about 25 g).
5. Batter: Grate the Japanese yam in a mortar and add the powdered sugar in 3 parts. Incorporate air as you grate with a pestle to make a fluffy batter.
6. Put the joshinko into a bowl and Step 5 on top. Fold and knead the flour into the batter. Add flour until the batter is firm like an earlobe.
7. Divide the batter into 2 and add the red food coloring to one (dissolve powdered red coloring with water). Rub the coloring into the batter to add the color.
8. Divide the two differently colored batters into 5 and round into balls (each ball should be roughly 17 g). If they stick together, coat your hands in joshinko. Cover with cling film.
9. Shape: Stretch the batter and cover the sweet potato filling in the white batter. Cover the purple sweet potato filling with the pink batter.
10. Steam: Wrap the lid of the steamer with a dish cloth. Place the buns on a sheet of parchment paper and steam for about 9 minutes at medium-high heat.
11. Once the steamed buns have cooled, lightly cook the bottom of the steamed buns with an electric griddle at 180°C. This will prevent sticking when you lay the buns on a plate.
12. Add the design. Heat a metal skewer or similar utensil and press into the steamed buns to draw the ears and mouth.
13. Dip the reverse end of a toothpick into red food coloring (dissolve powdered coloring with water). Draw the eyes onto the steamed buns with the toothpick.
14. Stick the Cherry Mochi Flowers onto the ear glued with melted chocolate or a deco pen and you're finished!
15. They look like this when you split them in half.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought the rabbit steamed buns would become cute if I added a flower decoration as an accent. I thought a long time about what ingredients I should use for the flower hair pin. In the end I used ingredients that I had on hand and am completely satisfied with how cute the finished product turned out.