So Addicting! How To Mince a Leek

So Addicting! How To Mince a Leek

Can you believe mincing leeks can be fun?! Before you know it you'll have minced a whole leek. It's so addicting!

Ingredients: as much as you need

Japanese Leek
as much as you need


1. Hold the onion with one hand, and keep the sharp edge of the knife away from that hand. Push the tip of the blade into the leek and slide the knife down the length of the leek to slice it.
2. When the knife reaches the end of the leek, flip it over and slice it again, until the leek is sliced into several strands.
3. Finally, cut the leek across the strands to mince them.

Story Behind this Recipe

I used to use a method of diagonally slicing the leek and then mincing from there, but...for some reason that was pretty difficult for me. (lol). So I thought, wouldn't it be easiest to just push the knife into the leek to make the cuts? And when I tried it, it was so easy! I uploaded this so that I could teach to my kids.