My Family;s Potato Croquettes

My Family;s Potato Croquettes

This is our family's everyda potato croquettes.
It also has carrots in the filling.
Microwave the vegetables until softened, roll into shapes, and deep fry.

Ingredients: 9 normal size and 3 mini bento sizes

1/2 cube
Salt and pepper
to your liking
For the coating
as required
Beaten egg
as required
as required


1. Finely chop the carrots and onions.
2. Cut the potatoes into small pieces, put in a heat-resistant bowl, cover the bowl with cling film, and microwave. Mash while still hot.
3. Put the 1 carrots and onions too in a heat-resistant plate, and microwave to soften.
4. Mix Step 2 to the 3 potatoes. Season with salt and pepper. I seasoned them well).
5. Form into round shapes.
6. Coat the patties first in flour, then the beaten egg, then panko in this order, and deep fry until browned.

Story Behind this Recipe

It takes time to boil the potatoes, so I always microwave.
It won't create too many dirty dishes, and is a quick prep recipe..