Homemade Bacon

Homemade Bacon

No need for a smoker. You can make easy and delicious bacon. Use it in salads, sandwiches, soups, or to make bacon and eggs.


Pork belly (block type)
500 g
Seasoned salt and pepper
to taste
Wood chips for smoking
as needed


1. Cut the pork into 2~3 cm slices. Put the slices into a thick plastic bag, and season thoroughly with the salt and pepper mix.
2. Massage the meat around in the bag to thoroughly rub the seasoning in. The flavour will turn out best if there is plenty of salt and pepper.
3. Here is the salt and pepper seasoning I used. It has course ground black pepper and garlic flakes. You can use any seasoning you prefer.
4. Put the meat in the refrigerator for 1~2 days.
5. Line a wok with some aluminum foil. Put a handful of wood chips on top of the foil.
6. Cover the wood chips with a round mesh screen.
7. Rinse off the pork slices, and wipe the water away thoroughly with a tea towel. Line the pork up on the mesh rack.
8. Heat the wok on high heat. When the wood begins to smoke, drop the heat to low, and cover the top of the wok with aluminum foil.
9. If the meat is 2 cm thick, smoke for 20~30 minutes. If it is 3 cm thick, smoke for 30~40 minutes. Once the meat has smoked, turn off the heat and leave it to cook in the residual heat for about 1 hour.
10. If the meat has turned the color shown in the photo, you are OK. Let the meat rest overnight to remove any acrid taste left by the smoke.
11. Slice the bacon to your desired thickness. Today I made bacon and egg.

Story Behind this Recipe

Smoked bacon can be very expensive, so I decided to make it myself. Real bacon is very labor intensive, but through trial and error I managed to make yummy bacon without too much effort.