Natto & Okara Kimchi

Natto & Okara Kimchi

I added natto to kimchi and okara. All you have to do is stir-fry and simmer all of the ingredients together for this simple recipe. It's perfect for using up leftover kimchi and natto!

Ingredients: 3-4 servings

Fresh okara
1 bag (250 g)
Chinese cabbage kimchi (with the juices)
200 g
Natto (small bean type)
1 pack
Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon


1. Dry-fry the fresh okara in the frying pan (over medium-high heat).
2. Roughly chop the Chinese cabbage and kimchi.
3. Add the Step 2 kimchi to the Step 1 frying pan and stir-fry.
4. Add the soy sauce and sake to Step 3. Add the natto and combine it until crumbly. It's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I changed the way I usually cook.