For Bento Lunch Boxes (Tofu & Shio-Koji Omelette)

For Bento Lunch Boxes (Tofu & Shio-Koji Omelette)

Adding tofu to the egg and cooking it makes for plenty of volume, great for bento. I made this with shio-koji instead of salt.

Ingredients: 4 servings

3 medium
300 g
Frozen green beans
100 g
1/3 medium
2 to 3 tablespoons
★Soy sauce
1 teaspoon
★Shio-koji (salt-fermented rice malt)
1 teaspoon (Recipe ID: 1745052)


1. Drain the tofu in the microwave and crumble. Julienne the carrots, and cut the green beans into 1 cm long pieces.
2. Beat the eggs in a bowl, add the ★ ingredients, and mix. Note - the salt content of shio-koji will differ per household, so please adjust accordingly.
3. Heat the carrots and green beans in an oiled frying pan. Add the tofu and cook together. Add Step 2, and stop the heat when it's about half-cooked.
4. Warm a tamagoyaki pan, pour in Step 3, and make sure the top is even. Close the lid and cook on medium to low heat for 7 to 8 minutes. Turn over, close the lid, and cook until golden brown.
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Story Behind this Recipe

This is a recipe I learned from my mother.