Chewy and Moist "Pon-de-Ring" Doughnuts

Chewy and Moist  "Pon-de-Ring" Doughnuts

Using shiratama (glutinous rice flour) gives these donuts a springy, chewy texture...and adding eggs makes them a little more extravagant! (Translator note: "pon-de-ring" is a type of doughnut made with small balls of dough connected together in a ring, as shown in the photo.)

Ingredients: Makes around 4-5 medium donuts

Pancake mix
100 g
50 g
Soy milk or milk
50 ml


1. Preparations: ○ Cut a piece of kitchen parchment paper into squares.
2. Put the shiratamako into a bowl and crush up the large granules with your hands.
3. Add the soy milk or milk to the bowl and mix and knead well.
4. When it's well mixed, add the beaten egg in 2 or 3 batches and mix with a whisk.
5. Switch to a rubber spatula and knead while mixing in the pancake mix.
6. When well mixed, roll the dough into balls of any size you like. Make ring-shaped doughnuts using about 6 of the balls for each ring. Place them on the parchment paper you prepared in step 1.
7. After you have made one ring, it's a good idea to mix the remaining dough well before making the next ring. (I usually do this).
8. Add oil to a frying pan and when it is around 170ºC, grasp the edge of the parchment paper and slowly place the doughnuts in the oil to fry them.
9. Leave the sheets of parchment paper there until they begin to separate from the doughnuts. When they do, remove the paper and flip the doughnuts.
10. When the bubbles in the oil become small and the doughnuts turn a delicious golden brown color, take them out and drain off the oil. Sprinkle with sugar or other toppings.
11. If you want to make the doughnuts super chewy, use 100 g of shiratamako and 100 ml of soy milk or milk. I recommend doing this because you will get the most chewy doughnuts this way.
12. ※ If you follow the advice in Step 7, it will be a little easier to roll the dough into balls.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought these donuts would be more delicious if I added eggs, so I tried it.