Candy House - Colorful Version

Candy House - Colorful Version

This was made by my daughter in 2004. She made it exactly how she imagined it, I'm so proud of how it came out! I only helped out with baking the base and the house, as well as putting it together. I was needlessly butting in and interfering, so the rest was left up to her.


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House and base cookie
refer to Step 34
refer to the Helpful Hints
refer to the Helpful Hints
Decorating pen
any color
Food coloring powder
any color


1. The site area is 25 cm x 25 cm. Refer to Stepd 34-41 before baking and building the site area and house cookies. Start!
2. The house is 13.5 cm x 14 cm.
4. Winter Sonata (a Japanese Drama)! We joined the boom and matched the scarves. The heads look cold, but I didn't have the energy to make hats.
5. 2 cm Buche de Noel, cake, and a mysterious fairy? The table's diameter is 6 cm.
7. The entrance way is made of soda candy hearts and stars.
8. We bordered the cut-in-half cutout cookie with pink chocolate and decorated with a lot of icing and silver dragees.
9. For the gate, use star-shaped cookies, big marble chocolates, and conpeito (small colored sugar candies covered in bulges).
11. We made a tree out of marzipan and an ice cream cone. We turned it upside down and decorated it with icing. We made 2, so there's one in the picture and one more. They came out to be similar to Caprico sweets. I was so surprised!
14. A girl and a boy! Lovely!
15. For the finishing touches, I kinda winged a flower! Not that great, but...
16. This is my favorite place. It has ducks made from marzipan. Placing them visible at the front doubles the cuteness.
17. Star-shaped cookies! These were made from the leftover dough from the house and base, but they were crunchy and delicious.
18. When you finish eating the blue soda candies, there's a message that says Merry Christmas! My cousin was surprised!
20. Santa came to the house. You can see his hat...
21. There are so many delicious sweets!
22. Line up pastel-colored soda candies...
23. The snack, TOPPO, was used for the fence and made to look like there is snow piled on top. Just use a little bit of icing to hold them in place so that they're easy to take off.
24. Star-shaped soda candies! You can use them, too. They're colorful and cute!
25. There are 4 hidden Mickeys on the roof. Please look for them! One of them is blue!
29. I attached them while thinking of the balance of the colors. It was difficult.
30. Just a little bit of icing to attach them is okay! Last year, we couldn't even take them off with a fork. I was shocked! So be careful.
31. ****************
32. ***************
33. ****************
34. To make the house and the base, I used a recipe from the back of the Tiger House Company's "Gingerbread House," Product Number 2331, Product Name: Log House.
35. Cookie Dough Butter (110 g), granulated sugar (80 g), whole egg (1), cake flour (230 g), almond powder (30 g), salt (a pinch), cinnamon powder (1 tbsp), ginger powder (1 tbs), and butter for the mold (as needed).
36. <Procedure> 1) Bring the butter to room temperature. Sift together the flour, almond powder, salt, cinnamon powder, and ginger powder, and set aside.
37. 2) Put the butter and the granulated sugar into a bowl. Knead together well with a whisk, and then add the egg and mix it in.
38. 3) Add the sifted powder ingredients to 2) and mix well with a wooden spatula. Bring the batter together and wrap it up with saran wrap. Let it sit in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
39. 4) Lightly coat the cake mold with butter. Match the batter from 3) to the pattern and push it into the cake dish. Bake for 30 minutes at 180°C. When it has cooled, remove from the mold.
40. 5) Bake one more batch.
41. Now, put it together. Make semi-hard icing. Mix together egg whites and powdered sugar. When it becomes like clay, it's ready to use. It dries quickly like this, so building is easy.
42. I didn't have a tool to use for the marzipan so instead I found some in a toy store. I think I was able to use it fairly well.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this with my daughter (a freshman in high school)! This is the second year. This time, because we had differing opinions, we made 2 houses. We matched the size to the the baking tray and completed it using that small space.