Sake Lees & Yuzu Tea Adult Sweet Toast

Sake Lees & Yuzu Tea Adult Sweet Toast

Sake lees have plenty of nutrients, good for beauty and for a healthy lifestyle Just mix and spread on toast! A delicious combination that also works as a drink.


Sliced bread (I used "Uchi Cafe Bread")
1 (I recommend a thick cut)
Sake lees (sake lees paste)
1.5 tablespoons (as desired)
Yuzu tea (marmalade also OK)
same amount as the sake lees


1. If you make a light crisscross pattern in the bread, it'll be easier to eat.
2. Ssake lees paste is easy to mix with.
3. Mix equal amounts of Korean yuzu tea and sake lees, spread on the bread, and bake in an oven until the sake lees is golden brown and it's complete.
4. Caution: Sake lees is alcoholic. If you're fine with that, I recommend just mixing it and spreading it on the bread in Step 3.
5. Similarly, mix together the sake lees and yuzu tea with hot water for a delicious hot drink.

Story Behind this Recipe

Everyday I drink sake lees and yuzu tea mixed with hoy water, so I spread a generous portion on bread!