Pickled Matsumae

Pickled Matsumae

We make these Matsumae pickles (Matsumae-zuke) every year as the year draws to a close. This will be mostly gone before the New Years begins!

Ingredients: 4 people

Dried squid
2 pieces
About 30 cm
1 small
Herring roe
About 5-6 small pieces (you can also use more if you like)
2/3 cup
2/3 cup
●Soy sauce
2/3 cup
Yuzu peel
As needed


1. Use three times the amount of water for every 100 g of herring row with a small teaspoon of salt (not listed), and let soak for 2 hours changing the water 5-6 times. Lastly, peel the membrane from the roe.
2. Lightly pat dry both sides of the dried squid with a rag that has been thoroughly rung out. (Cheap paper towels will leave behind lint, so they're no good).
3. Cut off the legs, and cut off the hard parts from the trunk (you won't use them).
4. Cut it up as finely as you possibly can with a pair of scissors as it'll expand later when cooking. If the squid is too tough, sprinkle with sake or soak completely to soften. Keep the leftover sake for later as we'll use it later.
5. Lightly wipe the konbu seaweed with a rag, sprinkle with sake to soften, and julienne. If the konbu is too soft, it will be difficult to cut, so be careful.
6. Finely chop the carrots as well.
7. Add the • ingredients to a small saucepan, and bring to a boil.
8. Wipe the water from the desalted herring roe, and cut into pieces.
9. Place the squid cut into thin strips, the konbu, the carrots, and herring roe into a bowl along with the cooled Step 7, and mix.
10. Let sit in the fridge, stirring it around from time to time (if you keep nibbling at it to test the flavor, it'll be gone before you know it). After it has softened and turned an amber color and the konbu has turned sticky, it's done.
11. I garnished the dish with julienned yuzu peel for aroma.
12. It is best to eat it within 5 days to 1 week.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is now one of my family's staple recipes. We tend to drink lots sake with friends and this is one of the dishes we serve. The dried squid takes a lot of effort, so it's best to find a family member who has free time to do this!