Rich and Thick Kabocha Squash Pudding Easy to Make in a Microwave

Rich and Thick Kabocha Squash Pudding Easy to Make in a Microwave

This is a rich and thick kabocha squash pudding.
This pudding hardens in the fridge.
It's easy to make in a microwave.
It contains smooth and thick kabocha squash.

Ingredients: 3 medium cups & 3 small cups

(Pudding mixture)
Kabocha squash
400 g
200 ml
50 g
2 tablespoons
a few shakes
Vanilla extract
2 or 3 drops
50 ml
5 g
(Caramel sauce)
4 teaspoons
1 teaspoon
Water or hot water
3 teaspoons


1. Combine the ☆ ingredients, and soak the gelatin in water.
2. Cut the kabocha squash into small pieces, and place in a silicone steamer or a heatproof dish, then microwave to soften.
3. Transfer the softened kabocha squash into a bowl, and mash. (When you want to strain really well, use a blender. I didn't use it this time.)
4. Add sugar and honey to the milk, microwave briefly, then mix well.
5. Add the Step 3 kabocha squash to Step 4, and mix. Sprinkle cinnamon and vanilla extract.
6. Add the Step 1 gelatin to the bowl, and mix. If the gelatin is hard, microwave for a few seconds, then add to the bowl.
7. Pour the mixture into the cups, and harden in the fridge.
8. Now make the caramel sauce. Since you will pour it on top, the sauce is made thin. Add the ★ ingredients in a heatproof dish, and microwave for about 5 minutes.
9. When the mixture browns, add the water (hot water), and mix. Add 1 teaspoon first, then add the remaining. Please be careful because it splatters.
10. When the pudding mixture has almost hardened, pour the caramel sauce on top.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since I had a lot of kabocha squash, I made kabocha pudding after making a simmered kabocha dish. I created this recipe because I wanted to make pudding easily in a microwave.
This is a rich pudding, which hardens in the fridge.