Reduced Sodium Shio-Koji

Reduced Sodium Shio-Koji

You can make soft shio-koji using your rice cooker's warming function. The reserved salt content makes this good for your daily meals.


Dried koji (in grains or sheets)
200 g
40-50 g
Lukewarm water
300 ml


1. Add the specified amounts of hot water and salt to a bowl, mix together, and then let cool to 60℃. Add the koji and mix well (if there are any lumps left, break them apart).
2. Fill the rice cooker's container with 50-60 ℃ hot water, then place the container from Step 1 inside.
3. Turn on the warming function, cover with a cloth, and let it warm for 2-3 hours. Once the koji has softened, let it cool at room temperature.
4. Place in a container that has been boiled for sterilization and lightly close with a lid. Let it age for one week, stirring once a day.
5. It may look finished, but it probably will not yet have the sweet aroma or mild flavor of shio-koji, so please let it mature at room temperature.
6. Additional note: Use the best koji that you can find, since this will change the quality of the finished product.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make shio-koji with reduced sodium.
I make fresh malt with my rice cooker using the warming function, so I tried making shio-koji using the same method.