Chirashi Sushi Rolls

Chirashi Sushi Rolls

This is perfect for the cherry blossom viewing season of picnics or parties at home. Make it easy by using store-bought chirashi sushi mix!

Ingredients: 3 to 4 servings

Commercial chirashi sushi mix
1 bag (150 g)
Plain cooked rice
about 3 bowlfuls of rice
Broccolini (parboiled)
about 10
For the dashimaki tamago:
* Eggs
* Shiro-dashi
1 teaspoon
* Water
1 teaspoon
Frozen edamame (shelled)
70 g
Toasted nori
3 whole sheets


1. Boil the frozen edamame quickly. Shell and peel the membrane (use as much edamame as you like.)
2. Beat the eggs and the * ingredients together, and make the dashimaki tamago. Use whatever brand of chirashi sushi mix you like!
3. Toss the rice, chirashi sushi mix and edamame together.
4. Make sushi rolls with the chirashi sushi-mixed rice using sliced dashimaki tamago and broccolini in the middle.
5. Cut each roll into 8 portions. Line up on a serving plate and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I brought this to a cherry-blossom viewing picnic and they were a hit, so I've been making them often every since.