Tarako Spaghetti with Fluffy and Creamy Sauce

Tarako Spaghetti with Fluffy and Creamy Sauce

So good.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Heavy cream
100 ml
100 ml
Tarako or mentaiko. Scrape out the eggs from the membrane.
30 g
1 tablespoon
Mentsuyu (3x concentrate)
1 teaspoon
Soup stock cube
1 piece
Cooked pasta
Approx. 100 g
1 tablespoon
10 g
Nori seaweed, Sesame seeds, etc. for toppings
to taste


1. Chop soup stock cube to make it easier to dissolve.
2. Heat flour and butter in the microwave (around 1 minute at 700W) and mix.
3. Throw heavy cream, milk, tarako, mayonnaise, mentsuyu, the soup stock cube and the ingredients from Step 2 into a juicer and turn it on!
4. Pour the sauce from Step 3 into the skillet and simmer until creamy while stirring to prevent it from burning.
5. Toss the cooked pasta into the sauce and combine. Serve immediately with a garnish of your choice and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

This recipe came to me when I felt like having tarako spaghetti and it was more delicious than expected!!