A Rice Burger You Can Easily Make at Home

A Rice Burger You Can Easily Make at Home

This is very healthy because you don't need to use any oil!

Ingredients: 1 burger is about 386 calories

Cooked rice (warm)
1 bowl
40 g
20 g
Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) sauce
1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
1 leaf


1. Cut the beef into bite-sized pieces, put together with the sliced onion, and rub in the yakiniku sauce.
2. Divide the rice into halves, wrap with film, and make them into round shapes with a 1 cm thickness.
3. Heat a non-stick frying pan and lightly fry the rice patties from Step 2 until they are browned.
4. Fry the beef from Step 1 in a non-stick frying pan until the meat browns and the juice disappears.
5. Cut the lettuce leaf into two.
6. Put baking paper and a paper napkin together and fold over vertically and horizontally.
7. Put the ingredients into the paper from Step 6 in the following order: the rice from Step 3, lettuce, meat, lettuce, and rice.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw rice burgers in a burger shop and thought I could make my own. It was like making toasted onigiri rice balls.