Time-Saver Recipe - 2 Minute Pressure Cooker Pasta

Time-Saver Recipe - 2 Minute Pressure Cooker Pasta

The feel of fresh pasta, made simply!
This recipe works with any type of pasta!

Ingredients: 2 servings

160 g
Hot water
as needed
to taste
Your favorite kind of sauce
to taste


1. Bring water to a boil in the pressure cooker. Once it boils add salt and the pasta. Break up the pasta a bit and close the lid.
2. Once you hear the whistling of the steam after closing the lid, let it go for 2 minutes and don't turn off the heat!
3. Turn off the heat, remove from the pressure cooker and drain, and it's complete!!! Mix in with your favorite sauce.
4. When mixing in with your favorite sauce, cook for 2 minutes in the pressure cooker. If you're going to mix it in without heating, then cook for 3 minutes in the pressure cooker!!!
5. It'll result in chewy pasta that tastes like fresh pasta!

Story Behind this Recipe

The pressure cooker is a powerful ally to working mothers!
I tried making a quick pasta, and using the regular pasta it came out deliciously with a texture just like fresh pasta.
I was really surprised by the difference.
Regardless of the time-saving aspect, you can boil pasta in a pressure cooker.