[Herbal Medicinal Recipe] Sweet Dried White Wood Ear Mushrooms and Snow Pears in Sugar Water For Even-toned Skin

[Herbal Medicinal Recipe] Sweet Dried White Wood Ear Mushrooms and Snow Pears in Sugar Water For Even-toned Skin

I marinated all kinds of healthy ingredients in my homemade ginger-blend syrup, and came up with a wonderful way to promote beautiful skin and help prevent signs of aging! It's a killer herbal dessert for women.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Green peas (dried)
1/2 cup
White wood ear mushrooms (dried)
about 5 g
Hatomugi (Job's tears)
2 tablespoons
Lotus seeds (dried)
about 8 pieces
Jujube fruit (dried)
about 6 berries
Goji berries (dried)
to taste
about 500 ml
Rock sugar
30 g (to taste)
Asian pear (cut into bite-sized pieces)
4 wedges worth
Juice from a grated ginger
1 teaspoon


1. Soak the peas in hot water for 3 hours to rehydrate. Stew in just enough water to cover the peas until soft.
2. Wash the white wood ear mushrooms well, and soak in water for about 30 minutes to re-hydrate them. Drain the water, and remove the stems.
3. Put the white wood ear mushrooms and water in a pot, bring to a boil and cover with a lid, and stew for about 45 minutes (until it turns a yellowish color and thickens).
4. Wash the hatomugi, lotus seeds, and goji berries, drain the water and combine with Step 3, and stew for about 15 minutes. Add more water before stewing, if necessary.
5. Add the pear, and stew for an additional 10 minutes.
6. Finally, add the crystal rock sugar and ginger juice, turn off the heat, stir until the crystal rock sugar dissolves in the residual heat, and it is done.
7. Serve piping hot without letting it get cold, since this is a yakuzen sweet, and that is the traditional and authentic way to eat it.
8. Since pears are hard to get a hold of in spring and summer, you can substitute it with papaya to make [Dried White Wood Ear Mushrooms "Japanese Quince" Sugar Water]. It has a tropical Macau flavor, and is pretty tasty.

Story Behind this Recipe

This reminds me of sweets that I had in Hong Kong , and so I decided to make it as a last-minute gift for White Day (the day when it is customary for men to reciprocate Valentine's Day gifts)
I used pure white "kikurage", or white wood ear mushrooms! Maybe my ulterior motives in my grand design might just work?!
Adding whole grains, such as oats, or sweet potatoes or Chinese grass jelly will give this dish personality, and make up for any corny pickup lines.