Sweet Onion, Cucumber, and Tender Pork Marinade

Sweet Onion, Cucumber, and Tender Pork Marinade

Easy and delicious! No special skills needed. Just gather the ingredients together and mix. So simple but also a fragrant dish.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Thinly sliced pork
150 g
Sweet onion
2 tablespoons
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon
Olive oil
1 tablespoon
Katakuriko, yuzu pepper paste, sake
To taste
Yuzu peel
To taste


1. Slice the onion thinly. There's no need to soak it in water.
2. Combine the vinegar, soy sauce and sugar to make the marinade, and add the sliced onion and thinly sliced cucumber.
3. Cut the pork into thin strips and sprinkle with sake. Add the yuzu paste, which adds umami. Leave for 15 minutes.
4. Coat the flavored pork with katakuriko, and pan fry with olive oil.
5. Add the browned pork to the bowl with the onion, cucumber, and marinade.
6. Grate yuzu peel for fragrance and it's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I had one sweet onion left over in the fridge. Sliced onion was too run of the mill, and I wanted to make a main dish rather than a side dish.