Ketchup Rice (Made With Leftovers)

Ketchup Rice (Made With Leftovers)

This is an easy ketchup rice that you can make for lunch. If you wrap it up in egg, it makes a great omurice.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Hot cooked white rice
2 servings' worth (300 g)
Green pepper
Wiener sausages or ham
3 tablespoons
Butter or margarine
10 g
Soup stock granules
1/3 teaspoon
Black pepper
a small amount
a small amount


1. Finely chop the onion and chop the green peppers into large pieces. Thinly slice the wiener sausages.
2. Heat the butter in a frying pan and sauté Step 1's vegetables and wiener sausages. Add the rice and stir-fry.
3. Add the soup stock granules and ketchup and season with salt and pepper.
4. If you top it with white sauce and bake, it becomes a doria. Try Ketchup Rice Doria at Recipe ID: 1757238
5. If you top it with egg, it makes omurice. For a creamy omurice, try Recipe ID: 628499

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a family favorite.
Also try Easy Ketchup Rice Made in a Rice Cooker (Recipe ID: 1893242).