Lemons in Honey Honey Lemons

Lemons in Honey Honey Lemons

These honey lemon slices are great as a pick-me-up after sports! Just eat them as they are Or float them in your cup of tea They also taste great with yogurt You can use them in lots of things.


to taste


1. Slice the lemon into thin rounds. (The thinner the better )
2. First, add a layer of honey into a plastic container so that it covers the bottom, then add the lemon slices over the top. Then pour enough honey over the lemons to submerge them.
3. So that the honey covers all of the lemons, use a spoon to open up the gaps between the slices. Then allow the honey to run inside the gaps as well.
4. Place a lid tightly over the top and leave the lemons to sit for 1 day. They're done. The honey will probably pool at the bottom of the container, so mix the lemons with it before serving.
5. This photo shows my beloved honey lemon yogurt. Please try this dessert with a generous coating of honey.

Story Behind this Recipe

My dad used to play basketball when he was a student and always ate these lemon slices during matches He said they were unforgettably delicious so I tried making some for him.