Spinach Simmered in Bonito-Flavored Sauce

Spinach Simmered in Bonito-Flavored Sauce

This may be simple but the flavor is very calming. The simple dish is delicious since the spinach absorbs the taste of the dashi stock that it's soaked in.


1 bunch
Dashi stock
100 ml
★Usukuchi soy sauce
2 teaspoons
1 teaspoon
Bonito flakes
as needed


1. Remove the bonito flakes from the dashi and let cool. Combine the ★ ingredients in a bowl and add the dashi.
2. Add salt to boiling water and add the spinach to parboil. When done, soak in cold water and then thoroughly wring out the excess moisture.
3. Cut the spinach into 4 cm long pieces and add to the bowl from Step 1. Let sit for 15 minutes.
4. Arrange on a dish and garnish with bonito flakes.

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother taught me this recipe.