Raspberry Cheese Mont Blanc Shortcake

Raspberry Cheese Mont Blanc Shortcake

This sweet and sour raspberry cream short cake is topped with a rich and thick cheese cream in a Mont Blanc style.

Ingredients: 1 poundcake mold

Caster sugar
40 g
Cake flour
30 g
1 tablespoon
10 g
Creme Chantilly (whipped cream)
Heavy cream
100 g
Granulated sugar
20 g
Cheese Cream
Cream cheese
45 g
Lemon juice
1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
Creme Chantilly
30 g
10 g
Frozen Raspberries
Raspberries for the cream
5-6 berries
Raspberries for decoration
5 berries


1. Make the spongecake. Add the egg whites to a bowl. Add the sugar a little at a time while beating with a hand mixer to thoroughly form fluffy peaks.
2. Switch to a rubber spatula, add in the egg yolk, and roughly mix together.
3. Add the sifted powdered ingredients in 4-5 batches and use a rubber spatula to mix it in using a cutting motion without kneading. Add the next batch of powdered ingredients once the previous batch has been just about mixed in.
4. Mix together the milk and butter. Heat in the microwave. Add a little bit of the batter from Step 3.
5. Put the mixture from Step 4 back into the bowl. The batter is complete when the batter drips down like a ribbon.
6. Pour into a parchment paper lined cake mold, tap it against the counter 2-3 times to get rid of air bubbles, and bake for 20-25 minutes at 170°C.
7. Once it has finished baking, drop it once from a high location right away to get rid of excess air. Remove from the mold, flip it over, and let cool as-is with the parchment paper.
8. Slice off the browned surfaces from the top and sides.
9. Slice and divide into 3 slices. Since it's a pound cake mold, I think it's easy to slice. Cut them pretty thinly.
10. Put the syrup ingredients in a container and heat up in the microwave to dissolve the sugar. Set aside to cool.
11. Add the creme Chantilly ingredients to a bowl and whip.
12. Make the cheese cream. In a separate bowl, add the cheese, lemon juice, and milk. Knead to mix well, then mix in 60 g of Step 11.
13. On the slice of spongecake that will be used for the bottom, spread on syrup with a paintbrush and coat with a little bit of Step 11. Place the center slice of cake on top and spread with more syrup.
14. Add crushed raspberries to the remaining creme Chantilly to make a raspberry cream.
15. Spread the raspberry cream on the center cake for the second layer.
16. Top with the last slice of cake and spread on the syrup.
17. Thinly coat with a small amount of the cheese cream.
18. Put the cream in a piping bag and use a Mont Blanc piping tip to pipe onto the cake. Once it's all assembled, it's finished. Let cool completely in the refrigerator.
19. Cut into 5 pieces, decorate, and enjoy! It goes very well with strong black coffee.
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Story Behind this Recipe

This is my third Mont Blanc Shortcake recipe. When I want to make a small, savory shortcake using a mont blanc piping tip and lots of cream, I always use this cake. This time, I had some frozen raspberries in the freezer and used some cheap cream cheese.