Crispy and Flaky Rice Flour Cookies

Crispy and Flaky Rice Flour Cookies

They are very easy to make!
I love rice flour cookies. I'm so addicted to the crispy and flaky texture of those cookies when I put them in my mouth.


Rice flour
150 g
60 g
50 g
Almond flour
22 g
Vanilla essence
a small amount
Cocoa powder (for 1/2 of the dough)
10 g


1. Either bring the butter to room temperature or microwave it a little to soften until it turns white. Transfer to a bowl, and mix with a hand mixer.
2. Add the sugar and almond flour in 3 batches, and mix.
3. Add the beaten egg in 3 batches, add the vanilla essence, then mix.
4. Add the sifted rice flour in a few batches, and fold it in with a spatula. When the batter is evenly incorporated, knead the dough by hand.
5. When the dough comes together, roll it out with a rolling pin, and cut out desired shapes.
6. Bake for 18-20 minutes in a preheated oven set to 170℃. When they are nicely browned, they are ready to be served.
7. When you are making the cocoa dough, divide the dough into half in Step 4, sprinkle the cocoa powder over one half, and knead it in!

Story Behind this Recipe

I created this recipe because I wanted to make my own rice flour cookies.
They are easy to eat even for small kids. The dough is easy to handle, so I wanted to make shaped cookies with it.