French Toast Snacks with Bread Crusts

French Toast Snacks with Bread Crusts

I used bread crusts trimmed off of sandwiches to make these French toast-style snacks.


Bread crusts
2 slices' worth
4 tablespoons
15 g
Maple syrup
to taste
Powdered Sugar
as needed


1. Cut the bread crusts to bite-size pieces.
2. In a bowl, mix the egg and milk. Spread the bread crusts in a shallow container and pour the egg mixture over them. Let the bread soak up the mixture for 10 minutes.
3. Heat the frying pan and add margarine. Add the bread crusts and roast the white parts first over low heat.
4. Flip them over and if the brown side of the crusts have turned golden brown, they are done.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's a shame to throw away leftover bread crusts after making sandwiches, so I turned them into French toast.