Drying and Storing Parsley

Drying and Storing Parsley

You can make your salads or other plain-looking dishes look stylish by sprinkling them with this dried parsley.
The distinctive aroma of parsley will disappear, so it's good even for those who don't like fresh parsley!
The color won't fade away either.

Ingredients: to make 25-30 g dried parsley

Fresh parsley
1 medium-sized plastic bag's worth


1. Cut only the leaves of the fresh parsley with a pair of kitchen scissors. (This process is a bit bothersome.)
2. Spread the leaves out on a large plate, and microwave. When the microwave is filled with steam, stop microwaving, and let the steam evaporate.
3. Wipe out the moisture inside of the microwave. Lightly mix up the parsley and repeat Step 2 until it's completely dry.
4. Once the parsley has dried completely, let cool, finely break it up by hand, and put it in a jar to store in the fridge.

Story Behind this Recipe

Between spring and summer, large bunches of parsley are often on special offer. They're cheap, but it's too much to use up. That's why I wanted to come up with a good way of storing them.

I thought it would be handy to have it on hand after drying and breaking up into little flakes.
The color of parsley won't fade away if you dry them with this method. With this method, it's been easier for me to always have a jar of parsley around.