Crisp Easy Cookies - Make Them with Your Kids

Crisp Easy Cookies - Make Them with Your Kids

Crisp and delicious cookies that can be easily made with a 2-year old - Fine for those with egg allergies!

Ingredients: about 35 cookies of various sizes

Cake flour
150 g
80 g
Sugar (I recommend powdered sugar )
50 g
Plastic bag


1. Put the margarine in a plastic bag and knead from the outside of the bag It's ready once it's nice and soft.
2. In another plastic bag, combine the cake flour and sugar, twist the opening, then shake it up well.
3. Add the second bag of shaken flour to the bag of margarine, then knead it again It's ready when it's no longer floury.
4. Roll it out to a 5 mm thickness, then cut out cookies with your favorite cookie cutters Rolling the dough flat while still in the bag to minimize clean up ( )
5. You could also squeeze the dough with your hands.
6. Bake for 25 minutes in an oven preheated to 170℃. They're done.
7. If you substitute a portion of the flour with cocoa powder, you can make chocolate cookies.

Story Behind this Recipe

We figured out that our child was allergic to eggs. So I started making homemade snacks. This time, I used margarine for an inexpensive, but tasty cookie I came up with an easy to make delicious cookie that can be fun making with small children and has minimal clean up.