Eggplant with Dengaku Miso - Long Eggplant Version

Eggplant with Dengaku Miso - Long Eggplant Version

Make the best use of the long, thin eggplant's shape, score and deep fry them! The combination of the tender fried eggplants and the sweet miso is perfectly delicious!


Long eggplant
1 (80-100 g) / per person
Deep frying oil
as needed
Dengaku miso (Recipe ID: 1729311)
as needed
Ground white sesame seeds
as desired


1. With a vegetable peeler, remove 2 strips of the peel in a stripe pattern. Cut into 3 pieces. Score 1 side of each piece so they cook evenly.
2. Pre-heat the deep frying oil until it reaches 160°C, then fry the eggplant for about 3-5 minutes. At first, large bubbles will form rapidly, but as the eggplants cook, the bubbles will become smaller.
3. Check to see if the eggplant is done with a bamboo skewer. When cooked, transfer to a rack to drain the excess oil, and serve on a platter.
4. Top with dengaku miso and sesame seeds.

Story Behind this Recipe

If you have dengaku miso at hand, top anything with this versatile sauce!