Futomaki Sushi with Broiled Eel

Futomaki Sushi with Broiled Eel

Roll these futomaki with broiled ("kabayaki") eel and Japanese omelet for your bento or for Setsubun.

Ingredients: 4 rolls

Pre-cooked eel with sauce
Nori seaweed
4 sheets
Sushi rice (Recipe ID: 2487300)
3 rice cooker cups of rice (540 ml)
Tamagoyaki (Recipe ID: 1720392)
Sushi vinegar (Recipe ID: 1725198)
80 ml


1. Make sushi rice and divide into 4 portions. Make a Japanese rolled omelet. Cut the omelet, eel and cucumber into the same lengths.
2. Set a sushi mat in front of you. Place a sheet of nori seaweed with the shiny side down. Add a portion of the sushi rice on top and spread evenly.
3. Spread the rice with the centre thinner, and the front and the end thicker.
4. Place the fillings onto the sushi rice. Press the fillings with your fingers and roll up the makisu mat to join together the sushi rice on the front and end.
5. With the seam-side down, press the sushi hard over the sushi mat with your hands. Press the sides to make the fillings flat.
6. Leave the sushi to sit for about 2 minutes to moisten the nori seaweed. Keep a moistened tea towel handy to wipe your knife after every slice. Slice the sushi.
7. Negi-Toro (chopped green onion and tuna belly) and Natto Futomaki (Recipe ID: 1724988).
8. Refer to this recipe for Sushi Vinegar (Recipe ID: 1725198).

Story Behind this Recipe

This is our family's regular futomaki dish.