Versatile Chewy Okara Mochi

Versatile Chewy Okara Mochi

This okara mochi is all about mixing, shaping, and microwaving.
It goes with absolutely anything because of its light taste.
There's no need to feel guilty about eating these, even if you're on a diet!

Ingredients: 1-2 servings

Fresh okara
50 g
25 g
30-40 g


1. Mix all the ingredients. It's easier if you mix the katakuriko with water first.
2. Divide the mixture into eighths. Form into 1-cm thick bite-sized patties, then arrange them on a plate.
3. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds to finish. If they're too soft, continue to heat in 15 second increments while checking the firmness after each round.
4. Enjoy these mochi with flavors of your choice, such as kinako, anko, or soy sauce with sugar.
5. Also try my "Dieter's Okara Mochi with Adzuki" (Recipe ID: 1723405) with adzuki beans mixed into the mochi.
6. I cooked the mochi with sweet and salty teriyaki sauce along with beef rolls. This is an example of a side dish that I made with this mochi when served it as a side dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

Okara is so cheap, yet it's packed with nutrients. I wanted to cook it in a way that's simple, but tasty enough to not get tired of.